Stefan Lindbohm

Who I am

I'm a technology creative from the southern parts of Stockholm driven to create the most awesome and easy to use products possible. My philosophy is that technology should be completely free of hassles and always look stunning. I love everything in between software, photography, music and video games and am always looking for new ways to create stuff that's both creative, fun and useful.

What I do

I develop stuff at Hemnet. The job is primarily about creating interfaces in HTML, CSS and Javascript in a Ruby on Rails application, but is most importantly about innovating and creating stuff that blows people away.

When not working or playing around with technology I often use my time for photographing, music mixing, clubbing or just kicking it back with a good TV series, movie or video game.

Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact me! My details are below.

Get in touch

Stefan Lindbohm
stefan at lindbohm dot com